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Your are pursuing your French ancestry.

Have you ever considered hiring a professional genealogist ?

Genealogy in France : how can we help ?

  • carte de FranceTracing your French ancestors : you need help to trace your French ancestors, or a specific family line of French origin ?
  • Searching records : need someone to search for records concerning your French ancestors ?
  • Translating : you have found a record, but need to have it translated.
  • Reading : having a hard time deciphering handwriting of old French records ?
  • Brick walls & dead-ends : you may need assistance in solving a challenging research problem.

That’s all Yvon Généalogie, professional genealogist in France, can do for you !

French professional genealogist : how do we work ?

Research in online records and genealogical databases, and on-site research

We are lucky enough in France to benefit for our genealogical researches from a large number of online records. They vary from state (French « départements ») to state, but often include Vital records, Parish registers, even military records, census… It can allow the family researcher to trace his/her family ancestry back to the XVIIth century. You can find here all the records online by state.

Yvon Généalogie conduct the researches in online French genealogical databases, but because quality of sources is prominent, use mainly these online records. They provide us with primary sources (while avoiding travel expenses).
We can do research in all online records, but also specialize in France Western regions.

For other types of records (Land and Property, Tax, Wills records, Court records…) but also newspapers for example, on-site research in the Archives repositories is necessary.

Method, quotation, hourly rate and charges

We first review the information you already have, to define the research problem and make sure that we clearly understand your needs and expectations. We then can provide you with a quotation. Your can then freely decide…

We bill our services based on the number of hours required. This number is defined in the quotation, and we never bill more hours than we’ve actually spent doing the research.  Our hourly rate is €42. We may also charge a flat fee, for example to try and find a brick wall ancestor (from €105, whatever the time spent).
As far as on-site research is concerned, we charge no travel expenses for the Archives repositories of the Eure (27) and Seine-Maritime (76) states in Normandy. For other French states, expenses will be fixed in the quotation.

Payment is possible through international money wire or with PayPal.


Acte de Baptême de YVON Marin, 1655, Saint-Georges-du-Rosay (72)

Baptism record of Marin YVON, 1655, Saint-Georges-du-Rosay | © Archives Départementales de la Sarthe (72)


AM MÉSANGEAU Claude BAUCHÉ Marie, 1691, Beillé | © AD 72

Marriage record of Claude MÉSANGEAU and Marie BAUCHÉ, 1691, Beillé | © Archives Départementales de la Sarthe (72)

Acte de décès CAMPIGNY Jean François, 07/11/1870 - NMD 1862-1902 Forêt-la-Folie (vue 121) - © AD de l'Eure

Death record of Jean-François CAMPIGNY Jean François, 1870, Forêt-la-Folie | © Archives Départementales de l'Eure (27)

English Spoken !Do not hesitate to contact us !

You can email us at admin [at] yvongenealogie [dot] fr.

Do not hesitate to contact us.


4 réponses à Genealogy in France

  1. Juliet Heslewood dit :

    Je suis historienne d’art et je suis en train de faire une recherche sur JULIETTE HUET née en 1866 et mort à Paris en 1955. J’ai besoin de savoir OU elle était née. D’autres details – elle a eu une fille, Germaine, en aout 1891. C’est le LIEU DE NAISSANCE de Juliette que j’ai besoin de savoir.
    Merci. JH

  2. Stephan dit :

    Hello team,
    I am from London but have a French Armenian line. I understand that my great great grandfather’s sister moved to Paris from Greece in the 1930s. Is there any way of drawing a tree for them until the present?

  3. Susan Naive dit :

    J mappelle Susan naive. L’nomme de ma famille est Hautreux. J’habite en Montana USA. In July I will travel to Paris and middle France for a wedding of my cousin. I will also have five days to do research of my family lines. I can send information on what I know and perhaps you can help me make headway in my searches. How do we proceede? Merci boucoup! Susan

  4. Nick Lampert dit :

    I hope it is OK for me to write in English.
    I have a specific enquiry, which does not relate to geneaology but I wonder if you can help in any case.
    I would like to find the address of someone who was living in a house (not an apartment) Paris in the 1950s: a Russian emigre by the name of Naum Borisovich Glasberg (born 1874 – died 2 May 1963). He is buried in the Russian cemetery of Saint- Genevieve-des-Bois.
    I visited his house in Paris in my youth and would like to trace it.
    I understand that French census records are not useful for this purpose because they are not indexed, and wonder if a death certificate might contain the information? Or there might be another route?
    My enquiry is I’m afraid at very short notice because I am travelling to Paris on 16 October and would like the information by then if at all possible. I am happy to pay for an express reply, if you think that there is any chance of success.
    I appreciate that this enquiry may be well beyond your zone of activity, if so could you suggest another professional researcher?
    With thanks and best wishes
    Nick Lampert

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